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Did you know you can sign up to sell Avon online? Avon has opened the opportunity for current Representatives to build nationwide teams through the online appointment process.Every representative now has a online Avon reference code to promote prospective team members across the country. Once you sign up to sell Avon online using a  reference code, you will be part of an Avon team. I have built majority of my Avon team online through online appointments and have built a successful online Avon business in sales and recruiting,


You can sign up to sell Avon online or you can meet with a local representative to get started on your Avon business. Either way you decide to complete the application, the cost to start selling Avon is $15 and you receive the same Avon starter kit. When you sign up sell Avon online you will complete the online contract and the kit will be ship directly to you in 3 to 5 business days.


When you become an Avon representative, it is up to you how you run your business In order to become a successful Avon Representative, I recommend to all of my team members to take advantage of all three areas of opportunity. 1) sell avon from home 2. build a team 3,promote avon online through all your media sites !  One of the best things about ‘Avon you are in control of how you want to build your business.You are in control of how much money you make by how hard you work


If you have read enough and want to start to sell Avon on my team. follow the next 3 simple steps

1. Go to

2. Avon reference code : carlagriffin and click continue

3.Fill out the online form, agree to the terms and conditions of becoming an independent avon sales representative and pay your $15 appointment fee.

click here to sign up now to sell avon-use
reference code: carlagriffin

Successful Avon Rep, Carla Griffin I am a single mom just trying to make it in this world, My youngest will be a senior this year and then off to college she goes, I love my The Body Shop business because it pay the bills,

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    Its just not selling Avon, its building a business and fining a lot of new friends


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