February Newsletter for Team Fantastic

February Newsletter for Team Fantastic

February Newsletter for Team Fantastic
Okay Everyone i was going to mail out letters and I still will for the ones who dont see this. Please knowledge that you have seen this by pushing the like button. I have a lot of information to pass on to everyone. 
Welllll Avon is finally answering us on our issues on things…First let me start off by letting all you reps know. Avon has partner with a company and are steering us in a new direction. I believe in Avon and all its products. I believe with all the changes are going on we will be back on top of things once again.
    1. Returns.. starting in March we will not get charged for doing a return once a month, if you return things more than that you will be charged your shipping.
    2.Starting soon, we will have Sunday customer service back, since most of us put orders in on Sunday they will bring it back so we will get the help we need to get those orders in on time.
   3. Advertising. Avon is going back to the prime advertising on prime channels . They are going to get the word out again that we are still out here.. If you do not have your online web store going, get it open who knows you might have an extra sale or two.
   4. Back orders , they are trying to get where we have zero orders on back order but if they do before order goes in a box will pop up and ask if customer still wants this item.
   5. Also coming soon if you are like $25 away from the next earning percentage. say instead of 20% you are 30% a box will pop up and let you know how far you are away from the next earning percent
  6. They are improving our E-stores to look fancier and better. They already have a box with chat asking the customer if they are needing any help navigating through the store or if they could be of assisted..
 Leaders… this is for you.
  1. Journey to gold instead of telling new reps. they need $100 suggest $400 . its money in your pocket and its a great start for the new rep.
  2. Our Downline manager will soon be updated every hour on the hour every day !!!!!!!
I say amen to that because you will be able to help more reps get on time orders
  3.If you have promoter on your team and they reach Ambassador. you will get $35, if they hold that position for 3 consecutive campaigns you will get $10 for each campaign but to earn it they have to hold their status 3 campaigns, ( example if they hit then the following campaign they miss you do not get it now if missed and then 3 campaigns after that they get it, you will get a total of $65 for that one rep.! This is unlimited earnings!
 4.  Gold leaders(and above) … Mentor bonuses….during c6 tru c12  if you have a rep who is ambassador and moves up in title you earn $100 remember they have to maintain 3 campaigns, if you have rep who moves to silver you get $300 and if you get a rep to gold you get $600…. now who wouldnt like those kinds of bonuses!!!
iF YOU ARE ON FACEBOOK .. Please join us on Team Fantastic page. Its a closed group for our team only Also follow me on these social media sites.
twitter @cmanis1815
 If your not on our team an you like to give Avon a try go to

Successful Avon Rep, Carla Griffin I am a single mom just trying to make it in this world, My youngest will be a senior this year and then off to college she goes, I love my The Body Shop business because it pay the bills,

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