Have a little time to spare….

Do you have a little time to spare? 

Do you have time to fiddle? Time to say hello to that person in line at the grocery store?do you participate in any outdoor activity or do you talk a lot on computer with social media sites? Any where Always Ask !!!!



Then Avon is for you! Did you know that Avon is celebrating 130 yrs of supporting women of being Independent? Did you know that Avon gives billions to organizations like fight against domestic violence and supports Breast Cancer Awareness!!!

I am an Independent Sales Representative who is looking for women who like to be independent an a few good men who would love to make some money!!! My name is Carla Griffin and I am a Silver Leader with Avon. I am looking for team members who would like to be independent or could use a few extra dollars !

How hard is it to make the money?

Avon sells it self its well known to ladies and a lot of women who do sell it for their families for the discounts and great products.

How do I get paid?

Avon has went to a prepaid system on  a lot of representative. So when the customer places his order you will collect the money at the time of ordering and then when you place your order you pay Avon and what is left over is yours to keep.Your first 4 campaigns you get 40% off what your sell!

What do I need to get started?

You will need $15.  You will need access to a computer and you will need to be 18 yrs of age. then go to https://carlagriffin.avonrepresentative.com/opportunity/start and you can get started today with a free website and all the tools you need to get your business going is being shipped to you.

 Pintrest http://www.pintrest,com/carlabeauty
facebook: carla o’bryant griffin



Successful Avon Rep, Carla Griffin I am a single mom just trying to make it in this world, My youngest will be a senior this year and then off to college she goes, I love my The Body Shop business because it pay the bills,

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2 comments on “Have a little time to spare….
  1. Hi Carla. Thanks for joining me at my roughwighting blog. Hope you enjoy it! Best of luck with your Avon job.

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