Carla’s top 10 Tips in Direct Sales Marketing

top 10


Carla’s 3 Tips in Direct Sales Marketing..My goals in 2016 is to sell $100,000 in products in personal sales. I’m working the online sales also so my goal is achievable with some of the following tips.

1. You have run your business like you own it. If you don’t have control of it, you will loose everything you invested in it.

2. Do away with the excuses

3  Work it! Set your goals and don’t stop till you reach them

4. Positive thought are necessary

5. Customer oriented

6  Follow your peers and use some of their ideas but what works is what works best for you

7. Stop and smell the roses

8. Learn how to communicate Listen and then speak

9. Learn what is “best for business”

10. Don’t be pushy . when you try to find business partners

The list could go on forever but lets talk about these……. Number one have control of your business. don’t go spending tons of money into a business and have no clue where to start. run this business like you own it. A lot waste of money if you try and then stop.

Excuses…. if your going to have excuses like no one is going to buy that or i don’t have anyone to sell too or i don’t have enough time to do that then direct sales is probably not for you because excuses are the number one killer of all businesses

If you got the positive thoughts going like i want to do this or I’m going to do this then set your goals and prep for the week or month and don’t quit till you get there. Quitters will not win.

You have to love people and love your products in order to be customer oriented. Customers are what get you where you want to go.Being nasty or negative to people will not get you any where except downward spiral.

If you see nothing is working for you. go online join a group or talk to people about what they are doing and what work for them.If it didn’t work for them doesn’t mean it wont work for you.Some of the top leaders have been where you are at today and probably struggle more but with determination and goals they are at the top.

.Stop and smell the roses don’t leave your family in the dark that’s what this business is for.. to be able to stay at home and spend time with them and work on your own time. If you have a team learn how to listen and help them out when needed or help them get motivated like you so you can be successful. the key is to listen then speak. Don’t be pushy that always chases people away Some people learn at different speeds and some want success over night!

Learn what is best for your business. If a certain product sells and then you want to keep that product on hand for your customers, which is always right.If its something that doesn’t sell you definitely don’t want to keep it on hand for future sale.

I could go on with the top 10 but another day. The most important lesson is have fun at what you are doing, don’t give up easily and push forward. Be a duplicator not a follower

Training videos coming soon. If you are interested hit me up on one of the following social sites an lets get to know one another.

facebook: carla o’bryant griffin

Successful Avon Rep, Carla Griffin I am a single mom just trying to make it in this world, My youngest will be a senior this year and then off to college she goes, I love my The Body Shop business because it pay the bills,

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