Over coming challenges for marketing

Over coming challenges. We are in charge of what happens of to us! Why do you say that? We have the choices or changes that need to be made as far as what kind of life we want! You first have to look at who are and what you want to make of your self! What your strong points are and you weakness are.


So if your not happy with your life or where your at, You have to be the one who makes the changes. Now if that means taking your time or going as quickly as you can, it depends on you. You have that power to turn things around to change your life, A lot things can happen in a persons life in a yr or in the last 5 yrs. but you can change it!

As the blog I posted yesterday, I announced some changes are on the way! I can post all day about my company’s products, I can sell you products teaching you how to get  sales on the web. I had to step back and realize my calling in life is to help others. I always like to help people improve their life and make it extremely  better. So this is my first step in helping,,,, The first thing you need to know is your WHY and what you want and goals to get you there! If its direct sales then great, personally I love it. The communication with others and making people happy. Its that time of year where giving is always beautiful.

Now go look in the mirror and decide what is going to make you happy. what is your calling in life and what you want to make out of life.. Too old? Not a chance! Everyday motto :”One Day At A Time”

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Successful Avon Rep, Carla Griffin I am a single mom just trying to make it in this world, My youngest will be a senior this year and then off to college she goes, I love my The Body Shop business because it pay the bills,

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