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Hello Everyone, I hope this has found everyone healthy, It hit at my house this last week and its taking forever to get over it.!!!I just wanted to get our newsletter for January, I told you all things are changing for us and your leader is ready to get our team back to where it should be… at the top!

First I want to Congratulate on our President club achievers Tammy Ockomon and Kara Whigham , these ladies will be getting 40% off their orders for all of 2017 with out meeting any goals.

We have some new members who have already hit their sales goals and are on their way of a successful business. Avon is making it easier to  achieve and earn!

Our leadership program is giving lots of incentives for our leaders and MORE MONEY! If your interested and haven’t start your team. lets get started. You need people to help you!

My main focus this month is a lot of us are stuck in the house with the cold weather, snow just plain nasty weather. We don’t have to let are business landslide. Lets learn together how we can get those online sales. I have copied some things below from Emily Seagren. She is the best of the best. She the women enterprise of the year. A lot of her business is online and she has training for everyone on how to do this. She has given us people to follow. resources we can use in our business, take advantage of these things while your stuck in the house!

Well keep posted while we learn the details of our next Repfest! i am going and will be willing to share cost and room with others. Its in Nashville, Tn if you never been there, its beautiful!



Depending on how much time you have to dedicate to your Avon business, try implementing 1 – 3 new sales or recruiting activities per week. Not every method is going to work the same for every Avon Representative so be sure to repeat activities that have been successful for you and continue to do the same successful marketing activities every campaign.

Avon Representative Resources

  1. Campaign Mailer – Avon Catalog Mailing Service
  2. Town & Country – Avon Logo Items
  3. Avon Signs & Decals – Avon Logo Window Clings and Signs
  4. Love my Buttons – Avon Branded Buttons and More
  5. Avery for Avon Representatives – Labels, Postcards, and Marketing Materials for Avon Representatives
  6. VistaPrint – Great for making your own marketing materials and relatively inexpensive!
  7. Winner in You – Lisa Wilber’s Avon and Network Marketing Products Shop
  8. Sue Mazza – Sue Mazza’s Avon and Network Marketing Training Resources

Avon Leaders to Follow and Facebook Groups

  1. Emily Seagren – Owner of Makeup Marketing Online
  2. Makeup Marketing Online – Marketing Ideas and Tips for Avon Representatives by Emily Seagren
  3. Makeup Marketing Online Group – Emily Seagren’s closed group for Avon Reps to discuss marketing topics.
  4. Lisa Wilber – Owner of Monday Morning Madness
  5. Monday Morning Madness – Lisa Wilber’s group for Avon Representatives.
  6. Molly Stone-Bibb – Inspiration for Life & Success in Business
  7. Onward! No Matter What – Molly Stone-Bibb’s group for Avon Representatives
  8. Theresa Paul – Owner of Tuesdays with Theresa
  9. Tuesdays with Theresa – Theresa Paul’s group for Avon Representatives
  10. Lisa Scola – Owner of Success with Scola
  11. Success with Scola – Lisa Scola’s group for Avon Representatives.
  12. MontAvon Climbers – Linda Montavon’s group for Avon Representatives.
  13. Live, Laugh, and Lipstick – Jennett Pulley’s group for Avon Representatives.
  14. Women with a Business – Elizabeth Demas’ group for Avon Representatives.
  15. Endless Prospects – Sue Mazza’s group for Avon Representatives.
  16. Lisa’s Campaign Connections – Lisa Monoson’s group for Avon Representatives.
  17. Avon Flyers by Alicia – Alicia Burnett’s group for sharing flyers created by Avon Reps.

Network Marketing and Avon Leaders to Follow on YouTube

  1. Emily Seagren – Selling Avon Online and Marketing Tips
  2. Avon Products – Official Avon Products YouTube page
  3. Avon USA Representatives – Official Avon YouTube page for USA Representatives
  4. mark. girl Official – Official Avon mark. YouTube page
  5. Lisa Monoson – Avon Rep Tips for Getting Started, Recruiting, and Selling
  6. Sarah Robbins – Author of “Rock your Network Marketing Business”
  7. Molly Stone-Bibb – Avon Representative Tips and Inspiration
  8. Lisa Wilber – Avon Tips and Advice
  9. Milagros Garcia – Avon Tips for Building a Bigger Business (How to Make a “Bombita”)
  10. Theresa Paul – Avon Tips and Motivation
  11. Lisa Scola – Avon Representative Tips

Network Marketing Books and Other Resources

  1. A View from the Top: Avon’s Elite Leaders Share their Stories and Strategies to Success
  2. A View from the Top Volume 2: Avon’s Elite Leaders Share their Stories and Strategies to Success
  3. 100 Ways to Recruit Avon Representatives
  4. 100 Ways to Sell Avon
  5. Avon Selling Secrets Sales Tips from an Ex-Rep
  6. Don’t Shoot! I’m Just the Avon Lady
  7. The Avon Business for Newbies
  8. Accelerated Success
  9. Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office
  10. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  11. Direct Selling Association
  12. The Work at Home Mom – Direct Sales
  13. Zig Ziglar
  14. Stephen Covey
  15. Carrie Wilkerson: The Barefoot Executive

Successful Avon Rep, Carla Griffin I am a single mom just trying to make it in this world, My youngest will be a senior this year and then off to college she goes, I love my The Body Shop business because it pay the bills,

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