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Who doesn’t like to take care of their skin? So many factors can damage your skin. With our next campaign this new product is coming. I’be tried it and I’m hooked! I know ladies love to keep looking younger as we gracefully get older but men can used this same product! I love natural products without all the harsh chemicals! To get your free sample just leave me a message or go to and leave your information and I will get back with you!nutra

If you take good care of your facial skin, and treat it daily you will be amazed at how wonderful it will start to look. You will begin to notice your face will become brighter, it will have a much more even tone to it and any fine lines and wrinkles will begin to fade.

Your make up will go on much nicer and will require less touch ups through out the day. And with Avon I will be able to get you started on a skin care regime that will make this New Year… New Skin easy and obtainable!

Let’s get you started! If you don’t already have an Avon beauty consultant please contact me today and I will be happy to get started.

NurtaEffects has active seed complex. Seeds are nature’s essential source of life. Each NutraEffects formula is powered by Active Seed Complex, a blend of nutrient-rich seeds, vitamins and antioxidants to deliver healthier, more beautiful-looking skin.

  • suitable for sensitive skin
  • hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested
  • paraben-free and dye-free
  • gluten free

Active seen complex varies with the type of cream. Each cream is different:  Chia seed for hydration,  Bird of Paradise seeds for radiance,  Chia seeds with mattifying powders for more oil skin types or Pomegranate extract for an ageless cream.
You get to choose the one that will work best for your skin type and not only get all the benefits of Nature but feel good that this is about the closest thing we can get to and still be able to get the benefits of anti-aging creams.
I mean really, who doesn’t want to look great at a great price?!


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Successful Avon Rep, Carla Griffin Carla Griffin has been an Avon Representative since 2008. She sells at the Honor society Level and a Bronze Leader with Avon with 120 representatives in 36 states nationwide. She started selling as a hobby and in 2014 turned it around as a business. Carla has earned several all expense paid trips to Florida a cruise to Bahamas and others. MY WHY? Carla's Avon Story I started selling Avon in 2008 just to make some extra money! I really didn't think you could make money with Avon, at least not enough to support a household and every day utilities without having a full time job. Tragic hit home and I almost lost my daughter, so when i got her home and knew she was going to need full time mommy because of all the dr appointments. I decide to give Avon a chance and turned it around as a business. In 2015 I was Honor Society and Unit Leader with Avon with 42 representatives under me. Then when I seen it pay one bill at a time, first the lights then the cable and the house payment, i stated pushing Avon a little harder! I was hooked! I began pushing forward and I am now a bronze leader with 120 representatives and growing. I am so proud to join Avon! Avon has given me the opportunity to build my business at my rate and still have a life with my kids . (now grand-kids) To join my team and start your journey go to reference carlagriffin! Avon Awards and Achievements In 2015 - #3 in district total unit sales #1 in district total unit sales increase #1 in sales volume Best New Performer In 2016- #1 in district Sales #1 total Unit Sales increase #1 in recruiting and mentoring award #2 in mentoring and coaching award

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