Staying at Home? Is it Possible?

Staying at Home? Is it Possible?

Absolutely if you have love for the product your selling and you believe in your self! As I first started I heard of the products since the product has been around for over 130 yrs and almost everyone knew what it was. But I never tried any of the products, never seen a brochure for years and honestly didn’t know if the company was still around. I remember my mom selling it when I was a kid. I looked into and sure enough its still around, there was this pushy person who kept calling and driving me crazy about signing up! I didn’t want to sign up, I just wanted to see a book. A couple months went by and finally I received this book.(I couldn’t believe it took a couple of months)c17

It came with a couple of flyers including a flyer to make extra money, well kids were getting older and more expensive so I contemplated for a little while and I asked some friends who sold it before, I heard it put food on the table, and paid some small bills. So I already had a full time job and so a little extra money would be nice.
So in August 2009 I started to play with my new Hobby, not knowing I could turn it into a career. I didn’t care about makeup because I was okay being natural self and playing in the mud. After all who has time for makeup with children? Anyway, I looked into some of the products, I love the shampoo so I tried the moisturizer, I had psoriasis and I itched every day, When my psoriasis started disappearing after all these years, I was hooked ! A year or 2 passed and I was approached by the district manager about leadership. I didn’t want to, I didn’t want to be someone else boss! I went to some learning classes and the way they approach people I just couldn’t do that! About 4 yrs passed and I made Presidents club, then Honors society, then Presidents club again, I was loving the small cash but I was considering retirement soon driving a school bus and I was going to get a small part time job so I could have some money, and then at a meeting another Rep approach me and asked Why don’t you build your self a team! My reply was “I’m not approaching people like they want me to” I absolutely refuse to be pushy and I don’t want to be anybody’s boss! She replied back and said ” This is your business and how you want to run it not the way someone else wants to run theirs”! That hit home for a minute. So she took me out with her and showed me how she did it and showed me the ropes! Today, No looking back I have built myself a fun loving team! As you can see success is not built over night. I now stay home with my child and grand children and pay my bills and extra for my child has very expensive taste and is approaching college all on this lipstick business. So again Staying at home? Is it possible? Absolutely some take longer like me! My bills are paid and my children are happy!
 If this is something you like to do I would highly recommend it, Try the products and see what your results are. or sign up today at

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Successful Avon Rep, Carla Griffin I am a single mom just trying to make it in this world, My youngest will be a senior this year and then off to college she goes, I love my The Body Shop business because it pay the bills,

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