Making Money with lipstick? Can it be done?

Making Money with lipstick? Can it be done?

Oh the negative, negative, negative comments that came with this when I first started! Your not going to make nothing off Avon, Your not going to be making big dollars off that lipstick. Well with any Direct Sales company, your not going to make nothing if you don’t work it ! If you don’t learn and put in some effort, its called automatic failure! If you let negative people get  to your going to fail! If you think your to going to sell $1000’s of dollars over night, your setting your self up to fail!

Now that we know how to fail, lets get on with how you can make a living with lipstick!

First thing you have to establish a customer base, Depending on how much you want to make, how you like to do your company online or face to face or both. You have to be able to show your customer what you have to share through a brochure pamphlet or guide them to your website. you have to do this with your tools, Books, Pamphlets, your web store link, or just the product itself,

Secondly you have to have some kind of plan of where your going, How you going to get where your going? If you want to sell $500 every 2 weeks. an average customers spends $25 that means you have to have at least 20 customers who place a order not every customer is going to order every time.
Where do you start to get these customers? You start with your friends, family and co-workers You start promoting from the very beginning on social media and other forms of advertising. So you know how many customers you need to reach your goal and you know you will need more so do this every day and you will get further to where your going.

Third thing you have to do is LEARN from others now their way is not always whats best for you but it gives you an idea of what it takes to get you there! Grab you a good book on Direct Sales. Follow your top people. Do what it takes to go and learn more about the business.

Fourth thing you have to do is have fun, It just like a job and if you don’t like sales then its probably not for you, If you don’t like people its probably not for you.Direct Sales is a way of being in business for your self, no time clocks, no boss and its gets you away from the 9 to 5 and you have more time with your families,

Fifth thing you have to do us grab you some business partners. Your not super woman or batman or Robin. You can’t do it all by yourself. You need help so when starting your business grab some team mates or a buddy who will help you with your business.

Its not going to happen over night but after all this you can bet you will have a start on a great career!So Yes Lipstick can make you money let me show you how you can get $1000 in 90 days. go to sign up I will receive an email and I will contact you with in 24 hours and set up your plans and goals to get you going in the right direction.

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Successful Avon Rep, Carla Griffin Carla Griffin has been an Avon Representative since 2008. She sells at the Honor society Level and a Bronze Leader with Avon with 120 representatives in 36 states nationwide. She started selling as a hobby and in 2014 turned it around as a business. Carla has earned several all expense paid trips to Florida a cruise to Bahamas and others. MY WHY? Carla's Avon Story I started selling Avon in 2008 just to make some extra money! I really didn't think you could make money with Avon, at least not enough to support a household and every day utilities without having a full time job. Tragic hit home and I almost lost my daughter, so when i got her home and knew she was going to need full time mommy because of all the dr appointments. I decide to give Avon a chance and turned it around as a business. In 2015 I was Honor Society and Unit Leader with Avon with 42 representatives under me. Then when I seen it pay one bill at a time, first the lights then the cable and the house payment, i stated pushing Avon a little harder! I was hooked! I began pushing forward and I am now a bronze leader with 120 representatives and growing. I am so proud to join Avon! Avon has given me the opportunity to build my business at my rate and still have a life with my kids . (now grand-kids) To join my team and start your journey go to reference carlagriffin! Avon Awards and Achievements In 2015 - #3 in district total unit sales #1 in district total unit sales increase #1 in sales volume Best New Performer In 2016- #1 in district Sales #1 total Unit Sales increase #1 in recruiting and mentoring award #2 in mentoring and coaching award

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