Avon campaign 3 2018

Avon Campaign 3, 2018


Campaign 3 has introduced our new line of Espira Health and Wellness! So many Representatives have been lucky enough to try this product out first and I was one of them as well! I love the vitamins for 40 + , I have felt so much better ! My over all health has improved and this has all natural ingredients .  Nothing with milk, soy ,wheat and nuts. For a free sample contact me. This campaign runs from December 30th till Jan 16th, 2018.

View Campaign 3 , 2018 online

c3 outlet

c3 saving

Here is little preview of whats in the book. If you like to check it out please go to www.youravon.com/carlagriffin 

Visit my website and check out what we have to offer, its backed up with the 90 day money back guarantee like any of our other fabulous products!


Interested in getting your discount join https://carlagriffin.avonrepresentative.com/opportunity/start

Click on the link and see what kind of savings you can get https://carlagriffin.avonrepresentative.com
Did you know you could also save even more by getting started building a business of your own? just click link for more information https://carlagriffin.avonrepresentative.com/opportunity

facebook: carla o’bryant griffin

Successful Avon Rep, Carla Griffin Carla Griffin has been an Avon Representative since 2008. She sells at the Honor society Level and a Bronze Leader with Avon with 120 representatives in 36 states nationwide. She started selling as a hobby and in 2014 turned it around as a business. Carla has earned several all expense paid trips to Florida a cruise to Bahamas and others. I am a single mom just trying to make it in this world, My youngest will be a senior this year and then off to college she goes, I love my Avon business because it has gave me the opportunity to be home with my children but also pay the bills,

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