Take control of your attitude!

a2Take control of your attitude and stay positive! Change your attitude, change your life! Let me give you an example, for a child if he doesn’t want to learn most general he isn’t going to learn until he changes his attitude. If we take the attitude of we can’t do something, we probably won’t do it! If we take the attitude of failure then we probably will!

Things in life are not a bed of roses, its full of thorns and thistles and we are going to scrap our self’s. We probably will even fall down but with the right attitude we can get back up again. A child falls off his bike for the first time, we encourage him to get back up and try it again!   Its the same in business, something not working then step back  and re-evaluate the situation and try something else! Get out of your comfort zone! So what we accomplish in life we can agree is due to our attitudes!

Some people don’t like change and some get down right mean when it comes to change but you have to look at it as a new opportunity and getting out of your comfort zone. Doing things differently, I had to deal with change and I have a OCD problem until my child looked at me and said “Mom can I please play with my toys,? I will have to move them” I knew I had to deal with change. My attitude I had to change. I had to train it and it wasn’t easy and still till this day its still not easy and its 21 yrs later.

Now look at the top of your company and see why they succeed. They are positive, cheery and outstanding, they are no better than you and I! We can be the positive, cheery and outstanding as long as we take the change of attitude. But they found the right attitude and accepted they may fail but they don’t dwell on it. They set goals and they go after what they want!

Now some are waiting for the world to change but it won’t change unless your attitude changes! Because everyone sees the world different!


Successful Avon Rep, Carla Griffin I am a single mom just trying to make it in this world, My youngest will be a senior this year and then off to college she goes, I love my The Body Shop business because it pay the bills,

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