Time flies when having fun!

Well I started this blog back in the day! I had no idea what I was doing or where I was going with it but I want to go  with my business. I wanted to fire off and sorta like a quick scheme to make money but it just wasn’t me!I felt lost, lonely no where to turn… yes I had offers of people wanting to help but only for $99.99  or even more! lol  I wanted to learn more and I did, I took a short break and came back several times! Well its been 6 months since I posted. I had kids and grand kids at home and I have had carpal tunnel surgery done which I’m still recuperating from. A lot of thoughts and action going on and I never thought once about my website which i’m going to  be updating soon. I have wondered how many people actually missed me or did they think I have gave up…. Had a lot of people ask Why did you give up? I never quit just had too many fires going and not enough time in a day to get anything done I’m not a very organized person. I have Attention deficit disorder, I have sleep apnea and when it hits It hits hard! Have to lay down and take that nap and people didn’t understand why I was tired all the time. In the last 6 months.. Mother in law has had a knee replaced, hip replaced and triple bypass surgery and she was totally depending on me. I took daughter back in and 3 kids and the boyfriend who doesn’t work and fighting for disability! I have another one who is preparing for college instead of worrying about senior year Life is happening all around just over whelming at times! Then this business I took upon myself 8 yrs ago was becoming overwhelming! It was falling apart!

That was all 6 months ago all happening at the same time well it is almost a New Year and so that means all is in the past and I must go on and start fresh!  I lost a lot of customers and team members because of everything else was controlling my life. I am now declaring my Independence and I’m moving forward! My business will bloom and my life back to some what normalcy!  Seriously thought I was having a break down! I let it all go and no more will it all control me! As I have heard before from my kids its all about me and now its time for it to be all about me! Why am I telling the world of this because someone might be in my shoes. As I have a heart of gold and have a hard time saying no, it put a strain on my kids and my husband. They are from a previous marriage and one still a teenager and other is mother of 3. She works all the time and the boyfriend babysits. I was not raised like that and neither was she. I gained employment to get out of the house and I still work my home business which I have a lot desire for !

So now that the new year starts soon so do I! I have learned the word no and have built a wall where i’m not going to get hurt! I am moving on with my life and I have gained my support system. Depression is still there but no longer controlling me! The world needs to know I Carla is gaining her life back! The world must know I can do this and if you feel your in my shoes contact me and we can talk. At least you will have one person who will listen!! This is my last blog of the year and tomorrow will be bigger and better!




Successful Avon Rep, Carla Griffin I am a single mom just trying to make it in this world, My youngest will be a senior this year and then off to college she goes, I love my The Body Shop business because it pay the bills,

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