About Carla Griffin

Hi a little about Carla Griffin she is a single mother of two and a grandmother of two She lives in a small town in Indiana She has been in Avon for 5 years

She is honor society representative for 2015 and she is a strong leader for her team. She has accomplished many career goals and have established a well known customer base who love her for everything She is a caring person who would lend a hand or just a listening ear and some times that’s all anyone needs.

Carla started out as a hobby in the Avon business, but now on her way up the ladder as a leader working on gold leader. She has driven a school bus for 16 yrs and her goal is to be done in four years when her youngest daughter graduates from high school. and continues her career in Avon. She always says you have to protect your own children if that means making sure they get to school every day!

Carla loves the business of helping others make a change in life In today’s society women want to be Independent and Avon gives you that opportunity. She has been the top seller in her district for the past 3 years, she welcomes all new team players aboard. She enjoys working with you and helps you make the difference in peoples lives

She is the third generation in her family to be an Avon representative. She has given it 100% in the last 2 years and it has paid off She has won trophy’s for top seller in  district, top performer in leadership growth, top leadership recognition, recruiting excellent award and several other awards. She has won several trips last year it was to Florida but her second grand baby was due at the same time (and he popped out the same day) so she decline the trip. She has won the trip to Las Vegas for 2016 and she is looking forward to all the trips in 2016 that will be available.

If your looking for a excellent leader and friend please don’t hesitate to contact her here on any other social media sites she is on!!!






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